September 24, 2022
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The famous and people’s all-time favorite place Blue Jaz Cafe is yet again in trouble. The caretakers of the cafe have been informed by the police that they have canceled out the public entertainment license of the cafe. Therefore, the cafe cannot organize any kind of show or live music outside their cafe.

Why did Police cancel the Blue Jaz Cafe’s Entertainment License?

Police sent the notice on 8th of October, and the license is set to discontinue from the next Monday. Blu Jaz Cafe, located at 11 Bali Lane is one among the popular spots in the city for live performances, music, comedy shows, even poetry sessions.

Blue Jaz Cafe

The regular customers and visitors are disappointed with the notice of course. It has been a center of attraction for 13 years now, and one among the fav places for the Kampong Glam Community. Things were going all smooth and peaceful until this Licensed Cafe got the police notice.

On asking about the issue, Ms. Aileen Tan, director of Blue Jaz Cafe said that the police did inform us on 31st August about the cancellation of the license but they didn’t give a definite date for that.

She also adds, this is why we couldn’t inform any other person about the notice as the date was unclear, and we were still appealing against the cancellation.

The cafe’s appeal got rejected looking to the poor track record of the compliances related to the licensing and conditions. On this, Ms. Aileen mentioned that the cafe has already sorted about 24 demerit points in the last two years regarding the overcrowding problem.

The Cafe is open currently and runs without any live performances or music. Along with the visitors, many of the performers are disappointed with the decision. One of them mentioned that they have to find work in some other place now, Blue Jaz was their only way of living.

Still, the cafe is backed by a big Blue Jaz community, and with their support and wishes – Ms. Tan is hoping to win the license back and bring back the Cafe to life!

Mrs. Ella Wattson


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