September 23, 2022
  • 11:04 am 18-Year-Old Long Island Ping Pong Prodigy Hopes To Become An Olympian
  • 1:32 am Why did Police cancel the Blue Jaz Cafe’s Entertainment License?
  • 11:15 am Now, India is on the Trump’s Radar of Global Trade War | [Exclusive Story]
  • 10:49 am Let’s Fight the Child Labour in Tobacco Industry | The Alarming Rise

The Inception

The Best Place to know all the Happenings in & out of your city! 

It was the idea of Margart K. Kaylor to start a website that covers all the events and occurrences of the state at one place. She used to work as an editor for an esteemed News & Ad Agency, but now a full-time blogger and the main keeper of the website.

She aspires to be a journalist, and also a big food lover. Lives with her mom and dad in Nevada.

What’s our Aim?

Who would know the aim better than Margart herself, so on this she says, “I wanted to build a system which is not only user-friendly but always makes sure that it satisfies all kinds of user. Some prefer local news, while there are others who want to know everything happening in the world.”

The aim is to make people aware and alert to the things happening around them.

Join my journey, and Unlock the News Updates

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